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Aluminum Sheet Piling

AlumiGuard The Aluminum Seawall Solution

An aluminum seawall is another material option available from CMI. AlumiGuard is a line of marine-grade aluminum sheet piling from CMI that has been used for over 40 years in the construction of seawalls and bulkheads and is a great option for salt-water environments. Especially in certain regions, aluminum is a popular seawall material choice because of its corrosion resistance and strength. CMI offers an entire aluminum seawall system including the aluminum sheet piling, aluminum cap, wale and tiebacks. There are several different strength and size aluminum sheet pile profiles to choose from.

“Don’t invest in a wall that will fail. If you are going to build it… Build it once. Use the best. Choose ShoreGuard.” – Clare, NJ.

Technical Information

For technical information, product specifications, CAD files, White Papers or other related information, please visit us at our sheet piling technical library.

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If you only want to build your seawall once, you have to select the best materials available. If you’re already facing a wall in need of repairs, you need a lasting solution. You need ShoreGuard.

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