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Selecting Seawall Components

CMI offers a complete solution for your current project. The AmorWare line of products are designed to match the service life and longevity of your sheet pile product.

ArmorWare Components

In addition, to increased durability of marine structures CMI offers complete solution components. ArmorWare accessory products offer what you will need. These proprietary structural wales, caps and tie-rod systems are low maintenance options to traditional materials such as treated wood, concrete, and galvanized steel. Used in conjunction with ShoreGuard, UltraComposite and AlumiGuard products, these components will help maximize the service life of the structure.

ArmorWare Cap

ArmorWare Caps, available in aluminum and composite, are corrosion resistant and engineered specifically to enhance the sheet piling structures. ArmorWare Caps require little to no maintenance. CMI’s AmoreWare cap is available in several color options to match the ShoreGuard sheet piling and AlumiGuard products. ArmorWare composite caps are also available.

ArmorWare Rods

CMI’s innovative tie rods are protected with a durable, high-density poly coating in the environment-exposed section of the steel rod. This will help avoid the maintenance routines necessary to maintain a secure long lasting seawall. ArmorWare Rod’s protective system long outlasts traditional tiebacks in marine environments.

ArmorWare Wales

In many marine environments, the wale of a sheet piling structure is often the most exposed component. ArmorWare wales are designed to stand up to environmental impacts such as wave action and UV exposure. ArmorWare wales have been designed to provide maximum structural support while remaining corrosion-resistant. TimberGuard Wales offer a cost-effective long lasting, safe alternative to treated wood

To see different seawall design options, visit our design your wall tool.

Technical Information

For technical information, product specifications, CAD files, White Papers or other related information, please visit us at our sheet piling technical library.

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